#1  What is the advantage of plywood over particle board in cabinets?
      Plywood is a more durable product with better water resistance, bottom line
      they will last longer. Down the road, long lasting plywood cabinets can be
      refaced and save the expense of new cabinet boxes.

#2  Why should I consider upgraded cabinets?
      The national trend to upgraded cabinets in apartments is the following the
      same trend in single family residences which is driven by advertising and
      assorted marketing. Better kitchens and bath room will make the units easier
      to rent in competitive markets.   

#3  What is a raised panel door and why is it desirable?
      First and most important is the beauty of a raised panel door, unquestionably
      the most desired door in cabinetry. This is supported by its construction which
      uses a solid wood inset panel that floats in the door frame. This allows the
      solid wood center to expand and contract without cracking. This classic style
      which is admired for its traditional flavor can also be updated into the
      contemporary category via finishes and woods selected.

#4 What is a glazed finish?
     This finish is popular in the furniture market and gives a look of freshly
     restored heirloom cabinetry. It is also known for creating ambient warmth with
     subtle variations in color.

     Glazing is a series of additional varnishes and colors which normally
     are applied to furniture or cabinets by hand and partially rubbed off.

#5 Can United Finishers offer installation as well?
     Yes, on cabinets and countertops.

#6 Does United Finishers offer laminate or granite countertops?
     Both laminate and granite.

#7 Some times project designer request custom designs and colors, can
United Finishers handle this?
     As a manufactuer and an importer we can offer an unlimited number
     of styles and finishes.

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